The Sequel Game: Things We Lost in the Fire

berry-benicio-fire.jpgThing We Lost in the Fire, which stars Academy Award winners “Hit-n-Run” Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro and which opens soon, has garnered a rating (at this point) of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes. And if this weepie about loss and redemption does well at the box office, can a sequel be far behind? (Probably not, but play along.)

Herewith, some potential sequel titles:

  • Things We Stored in the Attic
  • Things We Left Behind on Vacation
  • Things We Unloaded at the Yard Sale
  • Things We Broke in a Fit of Pique
  • Things We Lost in the Divorce Settlement
  • Things We Put in a Drawer and Forgot About
  • Things We Thought We Wanted But on Second Thought Regretted
  • Things We Found in the Dumpster
  • Things We Ate That Gave Us Heartburn
  • Things We Made in Ceramics Class
  • Things We Neglected to Report on Our Taxes
  • Things We Beat Into the Ground in Search of a Joke
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