I Choose The Rooms That I Live In With Care

emo_kids_suck___by_c_t_supahfly.jpgSo by now anyone who follows the Manhattan media game and the jostling of old media vs. new media has read New York magazine’s assessment of the Gawker phenomenon. It’s been covered ad nauseum on the internets, so I’m not going to add my two cents, though I thought it was less the take-down of team Denton as feared than an assessment of the culture that’s fostered Gawker’s particular style — “ad hominem attacks and piss-on-a-baby humor.” (So went Rome, or something like.)

No, out of all of Grigoriadis’ article — since she wouldn’t dish on who was hoovering cocaine or popping adderall (though, duh) — I focused on the following proclamation (the minutiae, the minutiae); speaking about former Gawker editor Alex Balk, she notes, parenthetically, “his bitterness conceals an emo side: Balk’s previous blog was named after a line from a Leonard Cohen song. ” [ the defunct TMFTML, now kinda NSFW]

Is Leonard Cohen emo? Or is liking Leonard Cohen akin to having “an emo side.” Me, I adore the L.C. and don’t like emo in the least. I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than listen to a Dashboard Confessional album. Have I deluded myself?

A quick Google of “Leonard Cohen, emo” produced only one tangible result, a customer review from Amazon that proclaimed “Leonard Cohen’s third album [Songs of Love and Hate] is Emo before Emo music, or rather the original example of masterful, subdued, confessional songwriting.”

I’m not convinced. I see where the author was going with painting the sensitive side of Alex Balk, but I’m not buying it. Only because I refuse to accept that my appreciation of Leonard Cohen can in any way can be related to the kids and their emo music. But please, correct me if I’m wrong.

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