Tiny Paps

83oneshpaparazzi-posters.jpgOnce again, the Times is on top of the latest trends, and this time it concerns teenage paparazzi. Blaine, 15, and his friend Austin, 14, just seem to love spending their nights stalking celebs outside L.A. hot spots.

To which I say: Seriously? If this happened in New York those damn kids would be beaten down (one hopes).

Not only are they entrepreneurial (they’ve sold their photos to the Daily News and OK! magazine), but they’re industrious. The little buggers chase down celebs on their skateboards.

Alas, some pro paps aren’t too keen on the kids hanging in the dangerous world of star-stalking:

[P]rofessionals are disturbed at seeing Blaine, a high school sophomore, and Austin, a freshman, lingering outside nightclubs with thousands of dollars’ worth of camera equipment around their scrawny necks.

Sadly, the independent study kids’ “hobby” is totally enabled by their douchebag parents.

Both boys say they “do school” two times a week, visiting the City of Angels Independent Study School to drop off the tests and assignments they’ve completed at home. (Both enrolled at the school before pursuing their photography careers.)

This affords them free time to shoot during the day, as they bike and skateboard around Sunset Plaza and other close-to-home hot spots. At night, their parents play chauffeur; Mr. Hewison has even installed a dashboard DVD player in his Porsche 911 to wile away the time as he waits for Blaine to finish work.

But this being Hollywood, their obsession has garnered them their own level of notoriety.

“You do have the Hollywood access, you have the unusual after-school-job sort of thing, but to me that’s all backdrop,” said Jeffrey Wank, a talent agent [Ed. Note: an agent named Wank? Heh!] who read a news account of Blaine and Austin, and got them a deal to develop a reality show with a production company, World of Wonder, which has produced such series as “Tori & Dean: Inn Love” and “Wife, Mom, Bounty Hunter.”

What happened to the days when teens only wanted to like, smoke weed and play video games? And the only ones who deigned to photograph a star were the theater geeks who skulked outside the stage doors of Broadway shows?

Just One More Before Bedtime! [NYT]

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4 Responses to Tiny Paps

  1. I know. I tell my teenagers all the time, “Why can’t you just smoke some cigarettes and try to be cool? Put that gun down.”

  2. ephemerist says:

    @Sorcia: Well, when in Rome…or, rather, the hills…

  3. badbritney says:

    Great post. They do seem a little young to be a part of the car crash that is Hollywood but you know, I think it’s cool to see kids that are passionate about something – anything! – that doesn’t involve happy slapping or refurbished shotguns.

  4. ephemerist says:

    @Badbritney: True. They aren’t hurting anyone, or themselves…yet. It’s just the natural progression of them becoming a “thing”…a thing that merits a reality show and a NY Times article and, well, people like me noticing and blogging. Whoops. I AM PART OF THE PROBLEM.

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