This Is Going To Be My Month, I Can Feel It

leo.jpgSo, I’ve totally become addicted to Astrology Zone. I just checked my horoscope and omg, this it totally going to be my month! I don’t know why I’ve become so astrology-addicted of late. I used to always scan my horoscope in the past (usually Brezsny), and pick and choose what I’d accept and discard. But lately, I dunno, the AZ has been right on. Had I read it in August it would’ve saved a lot of headaches. September didn’t shape up as promised, but October sounds rad. I’m like a lottery addict, hoping, nay knowing, this is the combination that will net me the big score. Maybe in my advancing age I just need something, anything to believe in, a tether. When the chips are down…or something. Still!

The one thing that’s always consistent in my horoscopes, which leads me to believe they are true, is that I never will have money. And I don’t. THE STARS SPEAK THE TRUTH! Other than that, things are looking up!

So, check back with me in November and I’ll let you know how it pans out. But according to Susan Miller, I’m golden.

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3 Responses to This Is Going To Be My Month, I Can Feel It

  1. You should locate your Brazilian soothsayer from the Big Gay Island

  2. Kitty Bangz says:

    Cuz Astrology Zone is the best… and it now owns your soul.

  3. ephemerist says:

    I’m tots A Zone’s bitch. Gah. I wish I’d never known. Now I’m dependent.

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