Welcome To My Timewaster — “Hello, Amorous Congress Stick”

So, one of the perks of my psuedo-job is that my co-workers and I can be online all day and watch retarded YouTube videos without disrupting any real work.

We’ve recently become addicted to this spoof of soap opera villainess Brenda Dickson’s low-budget 80’s egofest “Welcome to My Home,” where someone’s cheekily replaced the real Dickson dialogue with all sorts of sexual innuendo. Funny!

But…watching the actual “Welcome To My Home” is equally hilarious and disturbing. It’s like a fun house mirror view of the spoils of pseudo-celebrity, replete with tacky clothes. Um, seriously, through the magic of video, she “teleports” into her closet. Then: Fashion show!

Watch part two.

Can a spoof of a vanity project be funnier than the batshit self-aggrandizement is mocks? Yes, if for nothing than the repeated use of the word “cameltoe.” But there’s something special about Dickson’s original, made in a world before reality shows and the naked ambition displayed on E! every day of the week. Brenda Dickson, I salute you as a trailblazer! I think you’ve taught us all a valuable historical lesson about celebrity in a pre-Paris Hilton world.

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