Last Night’s Outfit

So, everyone seems to love reality shows. And makeovers! My pitch: Last Night’s Outfit. Say you were out drinking until all hours, you pick up a last call booty call, end up at his/her place, but oh no, you have an important job interview the next day! Or a job-saving presentation! Or, gulp, brunch with your parents. There are your clothes, crumpled beside last night’s conquest’s bed, your underwear/socks/etc. nowhere in sight.  You need to look your best when you feel your worst.

Enter the LNO team, who raids the squalid den of sin at the butt crack of dawn to turn your whorey, evening garb from the night before into a presentable  daytime outfit. Shirt is wrinkled? Steam it in the shower. Run in your pantyhose? Nail polish! They could, like, make last minute alterations and steal clothes from your random hook-up’s closet to make a presentable outfit. Buy new underwear from the Duane Reade across the street. Quick, use the Preparation H in the medicine cabinet to reduce puffy eyes.

Granted, this scenario works best for single-n-slutty urban girls/guys/gays…but then what else is a network like Bravo for, right? Seriously, this will work. Call me!

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3 Responses to Last Night’s Outfit

  1. I think it’s wise of you to start transcribing all these genius ideas here, documenting that you were, in fact, first to think of them. You DO realize that now the show will become a real thing, airing Thursday nights?

  2. Jane says:

    *Takes notes* Duane Reade has underwear?

  3. ephemerist says:

    Some Duane Reades do. If you’ve never seen it, it’s because DR runs out of everything all the time especially when you need it no matter what it is.

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