Made From Polar Bears

The other day I popped into one of those fabulous discount beauty supply stores, you know the ones, they sell all sorts of make-up and skin products and hair weave. I came across a section with all these little bottles, these potions, and was at first mystified.

Upon closer inspection, I deciphered (almost all of the instructions were in Spanish) that most were some sort of hair treatments, tonics, comprised of herbs and other age-old hair growth and scalp-soothing remedies.

But the following bottle eluded definition. My español is rudimentary at best, so judging from the logo, the following serum is made from polar bears?! What does this do?

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2 Responses to Made From Polar Bears

  1. Yes, but does it WORK?!

  2. Beauty says:

    It is interesting to read

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