Spontaneous Commerce

ist2_2053709_panhandler.jpgWalking through Union Square I was accosted by a grubby guy, maybe mid-twenties, who offered to buy a cigarette off me. Usually I’d say no and be on my way but he already had a dollar clutched in his dirty fist. I said fine, dug in my pocket and produced an American Spirit in exchange for his crinkled George Washington. I started to walk towards the subway. He trotted after me, and asked if he could get some change back, like fifty cents. I looked at him in disbelief. Like I’m a walking bodega? I said no, clutched the dollar and started off again. He followed and said just forget it, thrusting my cigarette back towards me. I stuck it behind my ear and handed him his money back. Astounding.

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2 Responses to Spontaneous Commerce

  1. Jane says:

    LOL – that’s fucked up. I would have liked you to keep his stupid dollar.

  2. ephemerist says:

    I would have, but I didn’t need the hassle. Plus, I got my cigarette back, so even steven.

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