Trend Forecasting: Mancake and the Efron Effect


Far be it from me to speak with certainty as to what occupies the minds of today’s youth, but I do spend enough (okay, way to much) time on the internets to gauge where their heads are at, and orange-tinted teen heartthrob Zac Efron, he of the zeitgeist that is Disney’s High School Musical and of the recent big screen Hairspray musical, seems to be the pin-up du jour; the star the girls want to be with, and ostensibly, the dudes want to be. And herein lies the problem. The recent Rolling Stone cover boy is something of a pint-sized George Hamilton, with an addiction to tanning that should earn him to title of Mr. Melanoma ’07. For proof, look no further than the Efron-obsessed blog Zac Efron Please Stop Tanning.

In addition to his fake-bakery, he clearly augments his tanning bed sessions with a little bronzer, or pancake: mancake. Thus the forecast, the Efron Effect, if you will. If the teen idol truly holds sway over his legion of fans, I fear he will influence susceptible admirers into embarrassing experiments with mancake. Imagine a slew of tweenage metrosexual males, under the spell of this pumpkin-colored Pied Piper, slathering their oily pubescent pores with bronzer after spending their allowance at the MAC counter. At the very least, they should wait until they are old, vain and douchey to experiment with skin spackling.

This could be way worse than Pete Wentz and his championing of guyliner (not to mention his wearing skinny ladyjeans, er, mantyhose). Pray I’m wrong, and this horrible vision comes not to pass.

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9 Responses to Trend Forecasting: Mancake and the Efron Effect

  1. Stephanie says:


    you know nothing.

  2. kerry davis says:

    It is so true, stephanie does not know what she is talking about! Zac you ARE NOT the best!

  3. kerry davis says:

    You are a horrible actor, sorry actress!

  4. lexi says:

    That is very rude! It is ridiculous what the things you evil and nasty people can say about stars. Like Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Miley Cyrus! You people disgust me and you will never get anywhere in life being rude and snoty. I hate people like you!!! Rude people are just mean people and should be very guilty for what evil things they say!!!

  5. lexi says:

    like you kerry davis… but go Stephanie… you know what your talking about! Leave Zac alone people! That inculdes the people who overly obsess about him. He doesn’t need nasty rumors going around about him! I

  6. shut up all of u says:

    shut up all 5 of you it’s not lyk he’s gonna go on this website iz it
    u stupid people !
    u people need a brain


  7. sarah says:

    heey ik kom uit nederland ik benfen van jullie ik moet er gewoon van huilen

  8. Emrise says:

    Honestly, you guys have nothing better to do?
    I think that, well, Zac Efron isn’t an ‘awesome’ actor, but he’s decent enough, although yeah, the fan-screams on Zac Efron articles (how do I get to those articles? Obviously I search them… I do like his singing…) do get irritating. But seriously, ‘Kerry Davis’, you are hugely amusing. You insulted a different person after ‘Stephanie’ screamed. Funny!
    I have time to waste anyway.

    Paizurintatsujindesuyoneinupsilonduzwei. Decipher that! Its a mixture of languages.

  9. Steven says:

    Zac made me gay he is SOOOOO HOT!!!

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