Sweet Nectar of the South

sweet-tea.jpgFinally, an article about one of the most delicious beverages of all time: sweet tea.

Should you think I’m joking, I assure you I’m not. Beneath my patina of New Yorky go-fuck-yourself-ness beats the heart of a good ol’ Southern boy. And nothing is more Southern than an ice cold glass of teeth-rotteningly sweet iced tea.

Drinking sweet tea is one of the oldest and most exceptional Southern traditions. As Dolly Parton’s character in Steel Magnolias puts it, it’s the “house wine of the South”—a clear, orange-to-red tinted tea brewed from six or seven Lipton or Luzianne tea bags, poured hot onto a cup or more of sugar or a pool of simple syrup, and then diluted into a gallon pitcher in the fridge. It’s served over a mound of ice in a huge glass—so cold that you can watch your napkin drown in a puddle of condensation.

I’m thirsty just thinking about it!

I Wish I Lived in a Land of Lipton …[Slate]

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2 Responses to Sweet Nectar of the South

  1. And most often serves in a mason jar. This makes it feel “rustic.”

  2. ephemerist says:

    It truly must be served in a mason jar, the glass dripping condensation, the brew so sweet it gives you a stomachache.

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