Won’t You Come Out and Play With Me?

In a fit of boozy nostalgia, I went searching for a clip of Martika singing “Toy Soldiers”– for you young’uns, its a song Eminem sampled. So, to the internets!

Success! Not only did I find the aforementioned song, but good old reliable YouTube held a plethora of treasures, all related to Martika and her Kids Incorporated days. So, after much viewing, and head-shaking, I’ve included another classic “Kids Inc.” clip, one I’d like to dedicate to my dear sibling. (It was hard to choose, I could just have easily gone with the one where Stacy Ferguson, the once and future Dutchess, sings Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over.”) This may be the moment where Western civilization declined and fell! God, the Eighties!

Also, whatever happened to heartthrob Ryan? The Monster Squad was mayhaps one of the best pre-Buffy tweakings of the horror genre done in the teen idiom. Can we get a Joss Whedon remake? Anyone? (Wow, I just let my geek out a bit. Sorry. Tucking it back in.) Anyhoo. Carry on!

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One Response to Won’t You Come Out and Play With Me?

  1. OMG!! That video? Literally the best thing that happened to me all week. I must haves taht song for my Dj-at-the-paranoid-schitzophrenic-institution Ipod.

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