crocs.jpgThere is a battle raging deep in my soul, one that threatens to rend asunder my long-held aesthetic identity: I want a pair of Crocs. Yes, the ubiquitous footwear, which come in every shade of hideous and make Birkenstocks look like Prada.

The lingering idea was cemented as I limped through last week, having hurt my foot, I determined through a bit of self-diagnosis on the internet, by simply walking. (I am falling apart!)

Unlike other Croc supporters, I am the first to admit that these are certainly some of the most hideous shoes ever invented. Ever. Still, I find myself eyeing them on the street, trying to picture myself in a pair.

Which is why I was happy to read this article in the Times on Sunday. If they cannot be beaten, then must they not then be joined? Can I hold out? Or should I just give in and then shroud every mirror in my home, in mourning for the sense of style I once possessed?

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5 Responses to Croc-O-Vile

  1. Jane says:

    Um… Don’t get crocs. If anything, get a pair of Tevas.

  2. ephemerist says:

    Tevas skeeve me out.

  3. Tuck your gay back in, boy. It’s hangin’ out a bit.

  4. Jane says:

    Tevas skeeve you but Crocs don’t.

    I see.

  5. ephemerist says:

    The heart wants what the heart wants, Jane. Or something. I dunno. Tevas just look like they smell, like sweat and feet and hippies.

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