Recollections: Gymkata

gymkataposter.jpgFor some reason unbeknownst to me, I awoke the other morning with a single word lodged in my brain, dredged forth from the murky depths of memory: gymkata. Quick, to the googles!

It was one of those awesomely bad 80’s movies where they combined two shit hot pop culture trends, in this case gymnastics (thanks Mary Lou Retton!) and martial arts to make a movie destined for the celluloid dustbin. I love the philosophy of moviemaking where its, say, what do the kids like these days? Dinosaurs and ninjas? Dinoninjas. Greenlight that. Astronauts and, uh, ninjas (ninjas were sooo big in the 80’s)? Done. Box office gold.

Thus, from one of those meetings Gymkata, dubbed the 17th “Worst Movie of All Time,” must have been born, with the terrific tagline, “The Skill of Gymnastics. The Kill of Karate.” Don’t remember it? Pity you. Here’s the trailer.

In a perfect world, the Wet Hot American Summer gang would make a modern ninja farce. Showalter? Wain? Get on this, please.

Related: I’m still reeling from the wickedly awesome badness of Ninja III: The Domination, which I caught on cable two years ago. Evil ninja killing spree on a golf course? Why yes,please! Clip here.

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