Take Your Babymama Out

jakeshears.jpgJake Shears of the Scissor Sisters wants to have kids with his boyfriend, and since that’s biologically impossible, he’s on the lookout for a lady to loan out her baby oven. According to Now magazine:

The flamboyant musician, 28, and his partner each want to father one child each.

‘It would be really cool to have two kids by the same mom, one impregnated by him and one by me,’ Jake tells Orange Playlist, ‘that way they would look like us and each other.

‘I think it’s inevitable that we’re going to have kids.’

Jake would also like to tie the knot with his partner in a Disney wedding.

‘I try to go to a Disney park every six months,’ he reveals, ‘and they’ve just started doing same-sex unions at American Disney parks.

This is probably the one time in my life I actually wish I had ovaries. Sigh.

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