Summer’s Here and the Time Is Right

Ah, the solstice arrived, summer’s officially here, and though I didn’t celebrate by doing yoga in Times Square or dancing naked in the woods eating pomegranate seeds, I will be going to the beach for a few days to indulge in sun and booze. Hey, you have your way of welcoming the summer, I have mine.

Also, summer is the time for dancing, in the street as it were, and I can’t stop watching this much-derided cover of the Martha and the Vandellas song by Messrs. Jagger and Bowie.

Something tells me it’s not the first time ol’ Mick and David pranced around the streets after dark, singing Motown to each other while flinging more jazz hands than chorus boys in a high school production of Chicago. But that’s just a hunch.

Also, they say it doesn’t matter what you wear, but really, someone should have given those outfits a thumbs down. All you 80’s enthusiasts out there, do you really want to bring this craziness back? Think about it.

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