Pooping 2.0

cleanbutt.jpgThankfully some of my friends are unrepentant stoners who stay up watching TV at all hours or else they never would have seen, and informed me of, the CleanButt BidetSpa. How did I not know of this spectacular contraption?

The CleanButt BidetSpa toilet seat bidet helps create the ambiance of a spa in your own private bathroom retreat.

Right, it’s like that trip you and your mom took to the spa in Arizona, only instead of the aromatherapy and exfoliating facials it’s water shooting up your bum from your toilet seat. Totally the same! Every time you poop it’s like a seaweed wrap for your ass!

Please do yourself the favor of watching the entire streaming video. It’s the pleasure of watching the old lady take her Hoveround to the Grand Canyon times a thousand. Two words: sanitary confidence.

The BidetSpa has not only a remote control but a heated seat. And the deodorizer attached lasts seven years. And there’s an enema wash feature. All yours for only $650.

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