Linkage: Poo Talk

Over at Dethroner, the current theme is poo. Heh. Don’t get me started. Editor Joel shares his “favorite shit euphemism”: “I just whipped up a mess of gut chutney.”

Me, one of my stock favorite poo-phemism is “business,” as in, I’ve got “the business.” The beauty of business is that it can spawn so many derivations, as in “I have to take a business meeting” etc. The bathroom becomes the boardroom, occasionally one might have to “liquidate some assets” and on and on.

See, it’s fun! Play along at home. See how many poo-phemisms you can come up with!

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3 Responses to Linkage: Poo Talk

  1. Jane Gavin says:

    I love this game. I do this in my spare time anyway.

    Release the brown dragon.
    Pinch a stink pickle.
    Evict the smelly renters from the colon.
    Destroy the fart source.

  2. I like a Star Trek theme —

    Composing the Captain’s Log
    *Grunt* I just doont have the power, Capt!
    And (more troublingly):
    The tribbles are in the ducts!

  3. I work for transco! Cable laying is my thing! oooooh

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