Word of the Day: Hobo

hobo.jpgBecause I like to edu-ma-cate, and because the uttering of it is comedy gold (right, Jerri Blank?), today’s word is hobo.

ho·bo (hb)

n. pl. ho·boes or ho·bos

1. One who wanders from place to place without a permanent home or a means of livelihood.

2. A migrant worker.

intr.v. ho·boed, ho·bo·ing, ho·boes

To live or wander like a vagrant.

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6 Responses to Word of the Day: Hobo

  1. Jane Gavin says:

    YO!! We can use a verb form?! Awesome.

    Do you want to go hoboing next weekend?

  2. ephemerist says:

    I do prefer to go a hoboing in tandem. You pack the scarf on a stick, I’ll bring the Thunderbird (http://www.dailylush.com/).

  3. Ryan Chandler says:

    i think hobo’s are adorable. i try to cuddle atleast 3 a week,and now i really wanna go hobo-ing! i take mine for walkies on saturdays, any1 want to join? it’s free ^^

  4. Will Sheppard says:

    for the comment above, im linked from that page… thats my friend not me.

  5. Bill Henford says:

    HOBOS ROCK!!! \,,,/(-_-)\,,,/

  6. The Myspace Hobo says:

    Come Hobo-along (example of the hyphenated hobo) with me @ http://www.myspace.com/themyspacehobo bring some change. We’re just about outta maddog.

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