On Going Out

connie.gifLately, when stepping out on the town, I’m reminded of the scene early on in the PBS adaptation of “Tales of the City” where Connie Bradshaw (played by the sublime Parker Posey) instructs Mary Ann on the vagaries of nightlife: “The trick is to look bored with it all.” [If this reference is obtuse, please consult A Heterosexual’s Guide to Gay Culture; you’ll find “Tales” between “Taint” and “Tallulah Bankhead”.]

What happens, then, when after aping boredom for so long, one actually becomes bored? The question is no longer how you gonna keep ’em down on the farm, but rather, where is this farm, and can it be purchased for a reasonable sum? Seriously, at this point I feel like I may have seen it all, and if I haven’t yet, I’m fast approaching the point where mayhaps I do not want to.

Sometimes, I just want to stay home with my cat. Then I remember, I don’t have a cat. *Sigh* At least I’ll have always have my LOLcats.

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