Gchats With Kelly: Maternity

word_bubble_right1.gifIn this continuing installment of Gchats With Kelly, the semi-regular feature where I break up my work-a-day tedium with online banter, Kelly laments the fertility of her office.  As is the custom, everything below is [sic] with ever so minor editing for clarity.

Kelly: the girl on the other side of me now is pregnant it never ends. I’m thinking about faking a pregnancy so I can get the maternatiy leave.

Ephemerist: that will only end badly. Like some sort of terrible sitcom plot. Then you’ll have to fake a miscarriage or something.

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2 Responses to Gchats With Kelly: Maternity

  1. Susan says:

    Tell poor Kelly that few things in a woman’s life are as contagious as pregnancy and matrimony. It’s true. My old manager Rick didn’t even like to hire young women who were planning to start a family, because as he said, “It’s not HER maternity leave I care about — it’s that that shit [having a baby] is so contagious! One goes down… It’s like there’s something in the water.”
    Rick, I should probably note here, was a serious douchebag.

  2. Jane Gavin says:

    I’m not a baby fan.

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