TEMPtations: Episode 15


It’s time for another scene from TEMPtations, the workplace soap opera where love is just as temporary as the job assignment.

Interior. Starling Industries break room. MARCIA is absentmindedly stirring artificial creamer into her coffee. CORD enters. MARCIA turns, sees him.

Marcia: Oh, Cord, you startled me.

Cord: Sorry.

Marcia: No, it’s a pleasant surprise. What are you doing back down here on the fifth floor?

Cord: Our coffee maker is on the fritz. I need a little afternoon boost.

He pours a cup of coffee.

Marcia: It’s good to see you Cord. Since you were hired full time, you’ve been so…distant.

Cord: About that…

Marcia: Oh Cord, I miss our half-hour lunch breaks together, trying to squeeze every beautiful minute out of our freedom before we came back…to this.

Cord: Just stop, Marcia.

Marcia: What is it?

Cord: Don’t you see? I don’t hate…this. This may just be a stop in the road for you, a place to turn a quick buck, but I’ve finally found a place I belong. I have my own cubicle and a key card with my name on it. I was tired, tired of watching the clock, waiting to leave with you and the other temps for Margarita Mondays. Tired of stealing office supplies…

Marcia: You stole office supplies?

Cord: Tired of sitting at someone else’s desk, doing someone else’s job, with someone else’s “Hang in there, baby” poster on the wall. God, I hate those posters. Now I have a cubicle of my own, a permanent position, respect, and I don’t need you to bring me down.

Marcia: I didn’t know you felt that way.

Cord: There’s something else you don’t know. I’m seeing Alessandra Birch.

Marcia: The VP of Human Resources?

Cord: That’s right. I should have told you sooner.

Marcia: Yes Cord, yes you should’ve. You put my heart through the paper shredder and that’s all you can say, “I should’ve told you sooner”? What does she give you that I can’t?

Cord: Job security.

Cord starts to exit, turns around.

Cord: Oh, Marcia?

Marcia: (expectantly) Yes, Cord?

Cord: We’re out of Splenda. See if you can get some more, when you get the chance.

Cord exits

Marcia: (sinking into the plastic breakroom chair) Oh Cord. (She stares longingly into the camera.)

End Scene

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