Word of the Day: Caprice

I’m slowly making my way through Paul Bowles’s The Sheltering Sky and have already come across the word “caprice” a couple of times. I’m sure I encountered the definition once, on some English class vocab test or whatnot, but since my mind is as retentive as a sieve due to, er, experimentation of the psychotropic variety, I’ve forgotten more than I done learnt. So in the interest of being servicey (except for those with a healthy vocabulary and the ability to retain knowledge), the definition of caprice:


a. An impulsive change of mind.

b. An inclination to change one’s mind impulsively.

c. A sudden, unpredictable action, change, or series of actions or changes

Gawd, I feel smarter already. Now, where did I leave my keys?

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2 Responses to Word of the Day: Caprice

  1. I like the word “caprice”. My curiosity for the word began decades ago when I first saw in the paper’s local TV listings a movie with the same name. “Caprice”, starred Doris Day. Never saw it, but thought it was a kind of a hip name for a cat or dog.

    I’ve evern used the word recently to describe my line of work. I’m in broadcasting and ever since the industry endured de-regulation in the mid-90’s, it has indeed been capricious.

    And as I sit here, enduring my third bout of unemployment since the turn of said century, I’m inclined to use capricious for less than the words “bullshit-ridden” to better describe my former passion.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. ephemerist says:

    Never saw the movie either, but I’ve a feeling Ms. Day knew some capricious men in her time.

    Also, I second the whole broadcasting de-reg situation being, well, capricious.

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